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Caleb Fellowship

Led by the Lord and moved by the Holy Spirit, Rochester Chinese Christian Church (RCCC) organized the Caleb Fellowship (or Evergreen Fellowship) to care for the spiritual needs of senior believers and friends. Currently, Caleb Fellowship meets from 2 pm to 4 pm on the 3rd Saturday of each month at a brother or sister's home (please contact Elder or Deacons for each month's address). All senior friends are welcome.

This fellowship is named after Caleb, a hero in the Old Testament who worked with Joshua and led the Israelis to enter the Promised Land, Canaan. Since he was young, Caleb trusted Jehovah God. At age 85, he personally commanded the army of Israel in the battles and fulfilled the mission from God. (Joshua 14) According to its name, Caleb Fellowship is focused on seniors. The goal of Caleb Fellowship is to encourage its members to be like Caleb, to follow the one and only true God – our Lord Jesus Christ without ever turning away, and to have a renewed life even in old age.

Currently, the activities of the Caleb Fellowship focus on three areas. First, study the fundamental doctrines in the Bible; completely and concisely explain the sin of human beings and the amazing salvation through Jesus Christ “so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16). Second, watch the video series of "Thirteen Questions about Miracles", which explains the miracles in the Bible and helps us understand that the miracles are both realistic and super-nature, demonstrating God’s sovereignty and omnipotence. Third, provide an opportunity for seniors to communicate and share the love of God and discuss the experiences in their life, and encourage each other to seek guidance, sheltering, and blessing from the Lord.

Caleb once said: “So now, look, the Lord has preserved my life, just as He promised, these past forty-five years since the Lord spoke these words to Moses, during which Israel traveled through the wilderness. Now look, I am today eighty-five years old. Today I am still as strong as when Moses sent me out. I can fight and go about my daily activities with the same energy I had then.” (Joshua 14:10-11). We wish our dear senior friends will be like Caleb, accepting salvation from our Lord Jesus Christ by faith and living a youthful and vibrant life. God’s promise to Caleb and us will never change: “But those who wait for the Lord’s help find renewed strength; they rise up as if they had eagles’ wings, they run without getting weary, they walk without getting tired.” (Isaiah 40:31)

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