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The Establishment

Rochester Chinese Christian (Baptist) Church (RCCC) has been established under the nurture of our gracious Lord. As early as 1993, the Lord had already placed the burden of starting a Chinese church in the hearts of some brothers and sisters. At that time, there were some Chinese Christians scattered among English-speaking churches. Many of them met each Friday night to study the Bible, and share the gospel and fellowship. This group was used by the Lord to save many of the Chinese in Rochester. However, it was a challenge at that time to encourage new Chinese believers to join an English-speaking church and establish a sense of belonging there. On the other hand, participating in a Bible study group can't form a normal spiritual life either.   


In 1996, several brothers and sisters with the same burden began to pray monthly for a Chinese Christian church. After more than a year of seeking, discussing, and consulting with pastors and elders in the Lord, a common vision was confirmed, and the first step was taken by faith.


On the Thanksgiving of 1997, the founding of RCCC was announced. Two weeks later, December 7, the first Sunday of December, marked the first Sunday worship of the first Chinese church in Rochester. The senior pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Rev. Glen Armstrong, preached from the pulpit. He was also the advisor of RCCC, directing church ministries. Going through the Gospel of John chapter by chapter, Pastor Armstrong introduced the basic truth of Christianity - Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. 


The pastors

In 1999, Pastor LaPine succeeded the retired Pastor Armstrong, as the acting pastor of RCCC. Illustrating profound principles with simple terms and vivid analogies, Pastor LaPine's messages are encouraging and helpful. His teaching edified many believers and strengthened the faith of brothers and sisters.


In July of 2000, the Lord sent Pastor Henry Tsui to be the first full-time pastor of this church. During the 18 months that Pastor Tsui served, he helped RCCC to establish a membership system, formulated a long-term growth plan and completed the Statement of Faith as well as the Church Constitution. In his teaching, Pastor Tsui abided by the fundamental truth and promoted Biblical separations which paved the way for a sanctified life.


In June of 2002, as the church continued to grow, the first three deacons were elected according to RCCC Constitution. 


In September 2004, under Pastor LaPine’s recommendation, our church joined the Minnesota Association of Regular Baptist Churches (MARBC). One of the purposes of MARBC is to assist pastors and churches to run youth, men’s, and women’s programs. During the summer, MARBC opened it lakeside campground for the churches. Our church has used the facility twice in the past. A two-day-one-night retreat left a beautiful memory in many people’s hearts.

Over the years, Pastors such as Dwight LaPine, Bill Wright, Eugene Murrell, Logan Friess, Chang-Ming Wang, Qing-Li Yi, Ling Li, and brother Jing-Liang Zhu consistently filled in our teaching and preaching needs.

In 2012, pastor Qing-Li Yi served as a part-time pastor. He commuted between Dallas Texas and Rochester. Later on, he has to focus on his ministry at Dallas. In 2014, we had a short time pastor Yu Sun and he left for Seattle Washington to start a new church. In 2018, after elder Sam Huang finished his seminary training, he was called to be the pastor of our church. Since Pastor Huang planned to retire in 2021, the church formed a search committee and called Preacher Wei Xu to be our next pastor in 2020. We thank God for his guidance and provision, especially during this very difficult Cov-19 period


A Testimony

Many people asked how I can know God is with me or with my church. Below is a testimony to see how our God cares about us and his servant.

In August 2015, our church founder Pastor Armstrong and his wife returned from Florida to Rochester to visit his children and grandchildren. He learned that we are having a baptism on the Sunday of August 2nd. He was so excited and joined the baptismal service. He gave a short speech afterward. He thanked God for this church he planted eighteen years ago. At the outset, no one will know the future of this church but now he witnessed the baptism of eight brothers and sisters. He was very happy to see God is still with this church and encouraged us to continue to be faithful to the truth and share the gospel with our friends.

However, out of our expectations, just a month after he returned to his Florida home, he passed away. We were in shock but also comforted because God showed him how He appreciated his work before he left this world. As Revelation 14:13 declared “Yea, says the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.”

How God loved Pastor Armstrong? How did God show His love to us? One of His ways is to help us understand how He appreciated the work we have done for Him. God showed Pastor Armstrong how he appreciated him in his last month in this world and we know such comfort is more than we can imagine.

Although this testimony is about Pastor Armstrong, it is also for you and me. God has shown his love to us through Pastor Armstrong. Let’s trust in Him always because He knows the best.


In the past, our Lord bestowed countless blessings upon this church. As people arrive and depart, there has been a steady increase in the number of believers. 130+ have been baptized and continue their journey to other places. We continued to pray for them and ask the Lord to bless them with wisdom and compassion for Christ.

Preaching the gospel, edifying believers, and leading friends and families to salvation are the purpose of this church. We pray that the Lord will guide and use us as we carry on the same vision. May His name be honored and glorified.

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